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Quality, Variety, Service, Reliability and Consistency combined with ‘a Fresh products’ approach is the foundation of which Qualifyfoods has been built on and continues to expand on.

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Qualifyfoods is an independent wholesale meat supplier located here in the USA. we focus on safety and quality. Second, we align our resources and capabilities to ensure distinction in our products and services. Next, we continuously work on the research and development aspect of our business. For instance, we excel in the creation of new products and formulations that make sense. As well, the industry recognizes us for having a broad range of capabilities, and this sets us apart. In deed, we think about the best results with quality and value to all our products and programs. Our plant manages a variety of product lines. From receiving the raw material to loading the container for shipping, we are leading the way. We source beef, Lamb & Mutton, pork , chicken and Seafood as our core raw material, from the best suppliers. As well, any additional ingredient used for formulation. We sourced from reputable providers. Most importantly, our plant is following USDA quality standard to ensure food safety. In addition to our quality assurance, we are focusing on sustainability, innovation and nutrition values.

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Qualifyfoods is an expert meat wholesaler. From standardized mass production to tailor-made creations, regardless of its complexity, we produce the highest quality, USDA certified meats.


As an industry leader head-quartered in the Sourth Florida area, Qualifyfoods has been providing quality fresh and frozen meat products to foodservice and retail industries for decades.


Qualifyfoods focuses on providing quality services and products. *. Contact us today to start a new program.

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We work with top quality accepted brands from Brazil, USA, Canada, EU, Argentina, Australia, NewZealand, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Inida, Norway,Japan.