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12 portions (value pack) Fresh King Salmon (Chinook) Fillet Portions, skin on, boneless, 160g, price/12 portions

Fresh New Zealand King Salmon fillet Portions come in direct from New Zealand every Thursday. They are a fantastic product that can be used in many different ways. From the fast-flowing fresh glacial waters of New Zealand’s Southern Alps in the South Island. The strong, highly-oxygenated currents keep these beautiful fish fit, healthy, and lean. Is a fantastic source of essential Omega 3 Oils. Each fillet is about 160g per vac pack. This sashimi-grade King Salmon has a firm, muscular texture with a clean, smooth flavour. Fresh skin-on Salmon fillet with the pin bones removed and individually vacuum-packed for freshness.
Harvesting / Farming Method: Ocean-ranched (low density, ocean pens, natural feed, antibiotic & growth hormone free)

Seafood Watch gives green rating to NZ farmed king salmon

Baked Salmon with Lemon Caper Butter

Our fresh salmon is imported weekly. The fresh salmon has a shelf life of 10 days but we freeze it after 6 days.

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