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Qualifyfoods  is a wholesale meat company based in South Florida. First, we give a significant attention to our safety standards. Second, we are experts in portion cuts and further-process meat production. Next, we package and support logistics for distribution throughout the United States and the Caribbean. Equally important, we maintain ongoing communication with our clients to ensure optimum service. Again, Qualifyfoods maintains high quality standards and supports the proper positioning of our products.

Our core products are beef, pork, sausages and poultry. Also, we offer programs that include specialty meats – such as lamb, goat, and offal. Meanwhile, we lead the market in cuts such as Outside Skirt (Churrasco) Steaks, Ribeye Steaks and Tenderloins. As well, we supply a large demand of Ground Meat Products, including Burgers and Patties. Consequently, we have proprietary retail brands in various product categories. First, we have Sterling Grillers. Next, we have Murciana Brand. Click on the links to learn more about our retail brands.

Qualifyfoods supplies quality products to important partners in the foodservice industry. For example, prominent distributors carry our products. Also, our products are positioned in popular retailers, high-end and chain restaurants, supermarkets and other foodservice verticals. Again, we partner with the best foodservice companies to ensure quality in our products and services.

Qualifyfoods is an independent wholesale company. Equally important, we are a family owned business. Moreover, we care about our clients’ needs. For this, it is import to understand the business needs. And, we strategically align our resources to ensure freshness and quality.

Portion Control

Qualifyfoods is an expert meat wholesaler. From standardized mass production to tailor-made creations, regardless of its complexity, we produce the highest quality, USDA certified meats.


As an industry leader head-quartered in the Sourth Florida area, Qualifyfoods has been providing quality fresh and frozen meat products to foodservice and retail industries for decades.


Qualifyfoods focuses on providing quality services and products. *. Contact us today to start a new program.


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