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Pork Spare Ribs, St Louis style, 1kg, frozen

Baby back ribs v St Louis ribs – Baby back rib is cut from the ribs that meets the spine after the loin is removed. These ribs are shorter in length. St. louis have meatier ribs as its cut from under the belly. The ribs are longer in sizes and have higher meat ratio, however has more fats compare to baby back ribs

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Frozen Lean Pork Mince, price/300g pack

We take fresh pork leg, trimmed of excess fat and freshly grind. Vacuum sealed and blast frozen to preserve in a natural state. No additives, just pure pork.
“Pork Mince is cheap, tasty, and brilliantly versatile. If you get creative with your flavourings, it will never ever be boring.”

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Donec Nibh
Lacinia Risus
Fusce Ultricies
Sagittis Nisl

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