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Venison, Beef & Pork Sausages, 500g, frozen

Venison is almost completely lean so we chose the cut of Beef & Pork to nicely balance it out. We didn’t use any fillers so it’s all meat. There’s no sulphates or anything else not listed here. We freeze them immediately because they’re not loaded with preservatives like other sausages. There’s a good fat content so it seeps and browns nicely in a pan. Try them out. We think you’ll love them.

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Venison Flank Steak, 1020g, frozen

Venison Flank Steak are a small, flavourful, thin cut that is typically cooked quickly with dry heat (seared or grilled). The muscle has a very prominent grain that gives it a chewier texture. The meat should be thinly sliced against this grain prior to serving on order to break the muscle fibers down for a more tender result.

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