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Fresh Pasteurised Wild Caught Crab Claw Meat, 227g

Our Fresh Wild Caught Crab Claw Meat is precooked, pasteurised and ready to eat. The crab meat is hand-picked from large, freshly caught blue swimming crab and immediately canned to retain its firm texture and sweet, succulent, crab flavour. Meat is from claws & legs. Most economical grade of crab meat

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Fresh Wild Monkfish Fillets, 500g, boneless, skinless, price/pack

Certainly, Monkfish (also known as Stargazer) are not the most attractive fish in the sea! They are widespread in New Zealand coastal waters and abundant in the South Island at depths of 50 to 500 metres. They are mottled green with speckles, have a large bony head and no scales. They have a firm texture and pearly white flesh that holds its shape when cooked.

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Donec Nibh
Lacinia Risus
Fusce Ultricies
Sagittis Nisl

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