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Fresh Wild Red Cod Fillets, skinless, boneless, price/500g pack

Comes in Fresh direct from New Zealand by Airfreight.

A delicate, moist, white fish with a low oil content and is mild in flavour & good value for money. Suitable for most cooking methods including smoking, baking, grilling and poaching.

The flesh is considered watery and too soft with a tendency to fall apart when being cooking. This problem can easily be solved by drying the fillets with a paper towel and sprinkling them with salt and leaving them for a couple of hours in the fridge before cooking. This process firms the flesh. Following this treatment, the cod is excellent eating.  


Red cod are caught primarily around the South Island. Natural variations in the number of young fish produced each year have resulted in significant variations in stock abundance and, as a result, management under the Quota Management System allows for rapid changes in catch limits. Stock abundance is monitored via commercial catch rates, with trawl survey abundance indices showing consistent changes.

They are found throughout New Zealand seas, more commonly in southern waters at depths of 100 to 300 metres, occasionally as deep as 700 metres.

Pan fried fish with lime and coriander butter


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