Ground Beef

Qualifyfoods is a processor and wholesale supplier offering the best quality ground meat products. We are producing a wide range of ground beef products that can be made from the best angus beef, for instance. A variety of blends made from beef, pork or chicken is available, as well. As leader in meat handling, we are creating mixes that add quality and value. For example ingredients such as bacon and cheddar cheese give a delicious flavor to ground beef mix . A standout product is our Cuban Brand Ground Mix (Frita Cubana), which uses a pork and beef blend. Our R&D and Production Departments have mastered several formulations that are cost-effective and tasty. Qualifyfoods has a deep understanding of business expectations. For this reason, we are continuously extending value, while providing consistency in our quality ground meat products.


 We offer several options in formats. All ground products can be packed in tubes or bags, as well as individually formed into burger/patty shapes that are layered packed. As well, we are packing in 10 lbs., 20 lbs. and 40 lbs. boxes.

Sterling Grillers - Burgers and Patties

In addition, we have a Retail line of products comprised by our proprietary brand Qualifyfoods, that includes a 100% All Beef Burgers, a 100% Angus Burgers and a Beef Patties product offering. The Beef Patties are available in two formats (6 or 24 Beef Patties box). Contact us to get further information about the various programs available. Our expert team has the capabilities to develop and offer quality ground meat, burgers and patties that will delight your customers.


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