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Salchichon Iberico Extra 200g

Traditional style spicy Hungarian salami. Finely ground pork with a touch of garlic, paprika and hot chilli along with a light smoking to provide a very delicate texture with a fiery kick.


Meat Including Pork (90%), Salt, Soy Protein, Dextrose (Tapioca, Maize), Maltodextrin (Maize), Spices And Spice Extracts, Antioxidant (316), Mustard Flour, Dehydrated Vegetable, Emulsifier (451), Herb Extract, Fermented Red Rice, Sodium Nitrite (250), Starter Cultures, Canola Oil. Smoked.

Dietary Needs

Sugar/Gluten Free

100g of sliced Hot Hungarian Salami, made in Australia from Australian pork.

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